My Style

Each image has to convey a thought, an underlying story, to create an impact, to touch an emotion. My style consists of storytelling with tones of photo journalism. Capturing artistic as well as romantic images highlighting the story behind their journey.

Candid shots are a favourite too, compared to posed shots as they captures the essence. Some traditional shots with the family are captured too for the parent generation as these are their memories too from their perspective.

The Process

A lot of time is invested in meeting the couple and their parents. This helps in understanding their story and expectation from the Photography. Eventually it is their special day and we as a team have to record those memories which they will cherish for their life. Wedding photography in itself is a complex amalgamation of candid and structured photography. Especially with several rituals that take place in the different types of wedding. Understanding of those rituals is the key as then it helps in being ready for the right moment.

Post wedding the most important part starts where we sort out the images, which is again a combination of technically correct, personal favorites and the couple’s favorites. The album designing is taken care of personally by us, as that will be eventually cherished for life!

And yes weddings are a happy moments, and we just capture that happiness for you.

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